When you are the arbiter of truth it is up to you decide who is wrong or right, what is up or down. It is as if a great weight is lifted from your need to be good and handed to you to wield¬†upon the world. You become responsible for all the judgements being made or not made and with this responsibility comes a crazy realisation – there’s no-one left to blame.

Once you accept the position of arbiter, you also accept separation. You accept that the universe is not perfect, that people are the cause of problems, and that you have made yourself wiser than all that is.

By making yourself separate from the wisdom of all that is, which is what you do when you judge someone or seek to manifest something, you have decided you know more than the universe. That’s fine. There’s nothing unholy about that. If that is true for you then that is true for you, no exceptions. The question is, what would you like to do with that?