It came to me in a dream. Yesterday, my husband and I were going over the what-do-I-call-myself routine which I seem to revisit every now and then seeing as I’m never quite happy with the titles I’ve been given – spiritual linguist, oracle, living master, deva avatar, among others. Then, in my dream, it came to me… I am a Metaphorist!

Of course, as soon as I woke up, I spent the better half of the morning researching etymologies of all connected words, as well as other tangents that came my way, until at last it felt like a winner. At least as the title on my Oneness Business site.

You see, no matter how hard we might look there is no one word to describe what we are, what we do, and how we work all at once. Especially when there are so many people with unique situations waiting to meet us in conversation with their singular take on the world. So, alas, I keep writing and re-designing my online spaces, business cards and other paraphernalia to suit some of the many ways in which you might recollect our time together… and satisfy the drive to do that is my extraordinary life.